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Cornelia Erdmann in action

Cornelia Erdmann invites you to her chocolate adventure

Cornelia Erdmann in action

Cornelia Erdmann in action

Apricots_ Curry-pralines Curry-white chocolate Kumquat-Lollies

What is chocolate to you? Something you nibble on between meals? A comfort food?

It’s a culinary adventure to Cornelia Erdmann of laiyanProjects, a creative platform that fuses art and design and covers projects ranging from public art to graphic design, from art curation to imaginative problem solving in the creative industry.

One of Erdmann’s projects Zuckerwerk—an old German word meaning candy—allows her to combine her love for baking and the creation of adventures.

Though finding chocolate an excellent medium for painting and sculpting, the artist focuses on coming up with unique flavours and how the food might boost cognitive abilities. “My. husband calls me a ‘food bohemian’ because I like to combine chocolate with ingredients that would normally be found in other dishes,” she noted. “This way I surprise people’s taste buds and create a food safari.”

Your sweet experience in XD Conference
In addition to different flavours of chocolate, Erdmann will also create a variety of cakes, muffins, and cookies with dried fruits, nuts, and other healthy, organic, and unusual ingredients for the upcoming XD Conference.

According to her, conference participants will be on a ‘tasting journey across various regions’. “From the creamy Swiss Alps, via the German cake heaven, and to the colourful flavours of Asia,” she said.

What that means is you will come across Wasabi peas, chilli, lime, saffron, ginger, curry, and other ingredients in her thoughtfully-created delicacies.

Designing Experience: ‘The Ballerina on the Elephant’ is a 3-day international conference on experience design (27-29 Nov 2014). Make your booking here.